First day in Brazil!

YAY! Welcome!

On the next five minutes, you will learn simple and useful phrases to use as soon as you step off the plane. Ready?


A simple thank you with a smile can go a long way, especially in Brazil. If you are a woman, say ‘obrigada’; If you are a man say ‘obrigado’. Brazilians LOVE when foreigners venture to speak Portuguese, even if it’s a single word! If you want to sound authentically natural, try dropping the ‘o’ and simply say ‘brigada/brigado’.

Seja bem-vindo/ Seja bem-vinda

Welcome! Even if you don’t hear it at the airport, you will probably hear it at your hotel or from other Brazilians you might meet during your stay. ‘Seja’ is the imperative mood of our verb to be, and ‘bem-vindo or bem-vinda’ means welcome. ‘Bem-vindo’ is the male form and ‘bem-vinda’, the feminine.

Passaporte, por favor.
Bilhete/passagem, por favor.

‘Por favor’ means please in Portuguese. When making a request, most people will say ‘blah blah blah, por favor’. Whatever comes before ‘por favor’ is what they want. So, you might hear: Passaporte, por favor. What should you do? Hand them your passport! They could say: Bilhete, por favor. Then you would give them your flight ticket. Easy right?

Você tem líquidos na sua bagagem?
Você tem computador na sua bagagem?

Everyone know the rules for transporting liquids and gadgets on board of planes can be strict. They most certainly will ask you: Você tem líquidos na bagagem? It means: Do you have liquids in your luggage? Or: Você tem computador na sua bagagem? Meaning: Do you have any computers in your luggage?

Useful vocabulary:
Você tem ____? = Do you have ____?

Onde posso pegar um táxi?

On your way out, you might want a taxi. To ask where you can get a taxi: onde posso pegar um táxi? Remember to always have your adress written in BIG letters on a paper and download some offline GPS app on your phone.

How was that? I hope these tips help you get off your trip on your right foot!


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