Songs to learn Portuguese

Normally the most challenging part of learning or becoming fluent in a language is having plenty of speaking practice. Pronunciation and speed do matter, and one of the best methods to practice is singing along.

In this post, I am going to present you three Brazilian songs of different styles and regions. As you know, Brazil is a big country and some variations in accents and vocabulary can sound confusing at times. Who am I trying to fool here? Even we have some difficulty to understand some accents and regional vocabulary.

Eu – Palavra Cantada (Lyrics)
It sings about a boy asking his parents about their origin in a pleasant melody. You can learn about the northeast and southern culture, also family vocabulary.

Aquarela – Toquinho (Lyrics)
This song is about hope, life and creativity. You can learn colours, shapes and present tense and present continuous conjugations. Lyrics are easy to follow, many rolling ‘r’ sounds!

Dia Especial – Tiago Iorc (Lyrics)
This song’s lyrics are full of feelings and adjective vocabulary! And it is about connecting with someone special and how it feels.

That’s it for now! I will keep posting medias that can help you learn Portuguese faster and while having fun.

Best wishes on your journey learning Portuguese! Hope it is useful to you.

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