Irregular verb: IR (to go)

Verb to go in Portuguese is another irregular verb, even its radical changes. So let’s take a look at the conjugation:

Eu vou
Tu vais
Ele vai
Nós vamos
Eles vão

Como vai?

You can use this verb to ask how things are going, like in ‘how is it going?’.

Como vai?
How are you?
Como vai o trabalho?
How is work?
Como vão as crianças?
How are the children?

Ir para algum lugar

You can use this verb to say that someone or something goes somewhere. The preposition ‘para’ (to) should be used then.

Ir para algum lugar.
Go somewhere.
Ela vai para o trabalho todas as manhãs.
She goes to work every morning.
Eu vou para a festa de aniversário.
I am going to the birthday party.

Ir fazer alguma coisa

You can also use this verb to indicate future in a similar structure to: ‘going to’ + verb in the infinitive.

Ir fazer alguma coisa. 
Going to do something.
Ele vai comer churrasco amanhã.
He is going to eat barbecue tomorrow.
Eles vão informar a decisão.
They are going to inform the decision.
Você vai para casa hoje?
Are you going home today?


Hope you it was useful for you! 
See you.

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