How to share your contact and address information in Portuguese

Do you know how to say an address, e-mail or phone number in Portuguese? Or how to spell you name for someone trying to add you on social media? Well, by the time you finish reading this article you will be able to do that.

Special characters:

@ arroba

. ponto


_ underline (sounds just like English)

/ barra

Exemplo: > nome underline um arroba email ponto com ponto bê erre.

If you are not familiar with alphabet, digits and special characters in Portuguese, you can learn them here.


Complete adresses in Brazil contain:

  • Street
    • Rua (street)
    • Avenida (avenue)
    • Alameda (tree-lined street)
    • Viela (narrow street only for pedestrians)
    • Estrada (road)
  • Número
    • number of a house or building.
    • ex.: casa 12; apartamento 304.
  • Complemento
    • apartment number inside a building or house number inside a condo.
  • Bairro
    • neighborhood.
  • CEP
    • zipcode, and it sounds like ‘sep’.
  • Cidade
    • City or town.
  • Estado
    • State


Rua Maria das Flores, 123, Harmonia. 75869-302 Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The vocabulary for this topic is here.

Phone number

Phone numbers in Brazil contain 9 digits if mobile and 8 if landline. There is no secret but a curiosity: instead of ‘seis’ (six) you will hear people saying ‘meia’. So:



It’s important to learn not just the digits and also numbers up to 100, since it’s common to hear things like:


nove-meia-cinco-trinta e dois-vinte-dezessete.

To learn more numbers in Portuguese visit here.

That’s it! Now you can spell you name or email, also tell your address and phone number or understand someone else’s.

Hope you learned a lot and come back for more!

See you.

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