Natural Phenomena in Portuguese

Today it’s rainy here in Seoul, what inspired me to write about this topic. Verbs that indicate natural phenomena are impersonal and always conjugated in the 3rd person singular, unless if meant in a figurative way.


Em Março, chove bastante.

In March, it rains a lot.


Ventou forte esses dias.

The wind was strong these days.


Em muitos países europeus, neva no inverno.

In many european countries, it rains in winter.


Geralmente amanhece por volta das 05:30.

Usually it grows light around 05:30.


Durante o horário de verão, anoitece mais tarde.

During summer time, it grows dark later. 


Figurative meaning examples:

Amanheci de bem com a vida.

I woke up in a good mood.

Choveram oportunidades.

There were many opportunities.


Hope you learned a lot and come back for more!

See you.

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