Present tense regular verb conjugation

There are three kinds of verbs in Portuguese and you will identify them by their stems. Below, examples of verbs of each stem:
-AR (first conjugation)
Falar (to speak)
Gostar (to like)
Olhar (to look)
Precisar (to need)

-ER (second conjugation)
Comer (to eat)
Beber (to drink)
Entender (to understand)
Querer (to want)

-IR (third conjugation)
Permitir (to allow)
Conseguir (to achieve, to get)
Existir (to exist)
Abrir (to open)

To conjugate these verbs, all you must do is replace the stems -ar, -er or -ir.


Try to conjugate the verbs in parenthesis in the present tense.
Eu (gostar)
Ele (beber)
Tu (conseguir)
Eles  (falar)
Nós (permitir)

All the regular verbs will be conjugated exactly this way! Easy, right? Practice conjugating all the verbs above in the present tense.

Hope you learned a lot and come back for more!

See you.


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