Meeting people – vocabulary!


We humans – sometimes – like to keep it simple, so all languages have those ready-to-go expressions designed for specific situations. It saves us time and effort; besides it can protect us from misunderstandings or awkward moments. Below you’ll find some conversation starters and closings.

Listen to the example sentences here.

Scenario 1 – meeting friends.

Oi, tudo bem?

Hi, how are you? (Alternative: Oi, como vai? Hi, how is it going?)

Oi. Tudo. E você?

Hi, good. And you?

If you have friends in common or you know their family you can also add:

Como vai a família? How is the family going?


Como vai a Camila/o Carlos? How is Camila/Carlos going?

Scenario 2 – informal situations

Q. E aí?

A. E aí?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the equivalent of what’s up. It’s a very informal expression and requires no answer, just repeat the same sentence back to them. It can also take this form, more suitable for older people or work environments:

Q. Tudo bem?

A. Tudo bem?

Scenario 3 – brief introductions at parties, offices or when you need want to leave or talk to someone else.

Meu nome é Mark. Prazer. My name is Mark. Nice to meet you.

Bom te ver aqui. Good to see you here.

Bom te conhecer. Good to know you.

Desculpe, mas preciso ir. Sorry, but I have to go.

Obrigado (if you are male)/ Obrigada (if you are female) Thank you.

Até a próxima! ‘Till the next time!

A gente se fala. We keep in touch/Talk to you later.

Other words

For toasts: Saúde!

When someone sneezes: Saúde!

Informal thank you: valeu.

Informal sorry: foi mal.

Me too: eu também.

I agree: eu concordo.

I hope you learned a lot and come back for more!

See you.

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